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Somos Magazine, 2010 no.1252

Green Art: Peruvian sculptor Oscar García presents

works in the United States that combine art and ecology

Oscar García’s (Lima, 1973) name may be foreign for many in our country. Nevertheless, for the

last seven years this Peruvian has been creating a space for himself within the artistic circles of

New York. Professor at The Art Students League of New York, one of the most prestigious art

schools of the city, García has displayed his works in different North American states. Currently,

for example, some of his sculptures can be seen at Beyond Borders, an exposition of Latin

American artists in Connecticut.

For Oscar García the art of sculpting figures comes from his family. His great uncle, José Luis

Peña is the creator of the monument at Plaza Castilla and of the busts at the Congress of the

Republic. After studying fine arts, the young man became a monument creator and worked for

almost six years with bronze. However, when he moved to New York due to issues of space

and money, he changed his format and materials. “There is an ecological theme that I look to

reflect in my work. Through my work I try to educate, demonstrating that we can reuse materials

and that we should not use so much raw material,” he explains. In his latest works García has

used newspaper that he would pick up in the metro in New York and tree trunks that he would

find in municipal dumpsters. “I like to combine the concept of human beings and their

consumption of nature, since I believe that I am sending a very clear message of reflection

regarding the environment in my pieces.” To get to know more about Oscar García and his work

you may go to (MJF/Photo: Flor Ruiz)*