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27 of July of 2007 – Impact News Family 3

A Sculptor of Life

Antonieta Chevalier-Calero

Art is everywhere, from a sheet of paper to a piece of rock. All of these elements are

transformed by the hands of Oscar García to represent what he observes in life. His work

begins with a group of lines that capture the essential forms and end with a sculpture that

delights the eyes of those who admire them.

The sculptor of Peruvian origin assures that his work seeks to express the encounter of

free men that are possessed by a mysticism. In his work you can observe abstract figures which

seek to convey a message that will be deciphered by those who observe it carefully.

García assure that his works reflect his personality and basically are his way of

expressing himself. These are his point of escape from the daily life, which presents constant

changes and contradictions.

“Daily life, of which I don’t know if I am a part of, is a constant inquiry for me, I try to

organize it to later transfer those feelings, ideas, dreams and illusions in line and form,” said the


For Oscar García the most defiant part of his work is maintaining the spirit and creativity.

He is also prepared to no be respected or accepted, which forms part of the every day.

He uses for his creative activity mud, bronze, stone, wood and paper, which are for the

artist, sincere materials with their own language which are awaiting being worked on and

converted into objects with life.


The sculptor studied at the “Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Perú” (“National

School of Fine Arts of Perú”) in 1991 to 1996 and in the University of Lima in 1994. Later he

arrived in the United States to the Art Students League of New York, as an international student

in the year 2003.

Oscar García demonstrated that in essence his work did not change much since he

arrived in the United States, since the Latin American current is predominant in his works.

Although he also assured that the change of location is a great nourishment for the artist, and

that in a certain way it may influence the product that is presented, since the artist is a

communicator of his surroundings.

Similarly he stated that he received a very good academic formation at the National

School of Fine Arts of Perú, and a great experience in his field, which is why he did not believethat emigrating to the United States helped him grow professionally; which, according to his

opinion, he demonstrated when he started working on restorations on his second year at the Art

Students League in New York.


In Perú he had different expositions at places such as the “Banco de Crédito” (“Credit

Bank”), the “Museo de Arte de Lima” (“The Museum of Art of Lima”), the “Museo de la Nación”

(“The Museum of the Nation”), the “Casa de Arquitectos” (“House of Architects”), art galleries,

among others.

To date, he has had no less than 25 expositions between Perú and the United States

and he inaugurated an individual exposition at a gallery in Manhattan, New York on July 17. He

will also participate in a group exposition next October at the University of Stamford – Latin

American artists.

Currently Oscar García wants to combine more teaching, since he works as a wax and

bronze sculpture professor at the Students League in New York.